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Kingston Bagpuize Wills - Diocese of Sarum

The ancient Diocese of Sarum covered most of Wiltshire, most of Berkshire, parts of Dorset and a small area in Devon.

This database of names is from the Wills and Administrations of Kingston Bagpuize inhabitants, which are deposited in the Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office

Herbert, John Cordwainer Kingston Bagpuize Will 1750 P1/10 Reg/365
Herbert, John,Yeoman and cordwainer,Kingston Bagpuize,Administration bond, agreement, will 1750 P1/H/1069
Herbert, Henry,Kingston Bagpuize,Will,1756,P1/H/1113
Herbert, Henry,Kingston Bagpuize Will 1756 P1/11Reg/253B
Boulton, Mary,Widow,Kingston Bagpuize,1747,Inventory, will,P1/B/1203
Boulton, Mary Widow Kingston Bagpuize Will 1747 P1/10Reg/92B
Walker, William Husbandman, Kingston Bagpuize Will 1798 P1/15 Reg/170
Walker, William, Husbandman, Kingston Bagpuize,1798,Will,P1/W/109
Langham, Mary Wife Kingston Bagpuize 1817 Note,will,wrapper P1/1817/113
Cullam, Robert,Collar maker Kingston Bagpuize 1820 Administration bond, will, wrapper P1/1820/90
Brooman, Jane,Widow,Kingston Bagpuize Will 1711P1/5Reg/170
Leach, Robert,Kingston Bagpuize Will 1717 P1/6Reg/139B
Leach, Robert,Kingston Bagpuize,Administration bond, will 1717 P1/L/292
Ingram, William Blacksmith,Kingston Bagpuize Will 1716 P1/6Reg/62A
Ingram, William,Blacksmith,Kingston Bagpuize,Will 1716 P1/IJ/155
Collins, John, Husbandman,Kingston Bagpuize Will 1729 P1/7Reg/241A
Stephens, Andrew,Kingston Bagpuize, Will 1738,P1/8Reg/261
Bottemley, Edward,Yeoman,Kingston Bagpuize,Inventory, will,1625,P1/B/190
Brooman, Jane,Widow,Kingston Bagpuize,Inventory, will 1711,P1/B/766
Collins, John,Husbandman,Kingston Bagpuize,Administration bond, inventory, will 1729 P1/C/670
Filkins, Richard,Tailor,Kingston Bagpuize, Inventory, will 1735 P1/F/332
Gold, John,Yeoman,Kingston Bagpuize,Inventory, will 1671,P1/G/218
Rime, James, Husbandman,Kingston Bagpuize,1686,Inventory, will, P1/R/517
Rainsby, George,Clerk and parson, Kingston Bagpuize,1625, Account, administration bond, inventory P1/R/52
Stephens, Andrew, Kingston Bagpuize,1738,Inventory, will,P1/S/1049
Standbrook, Bartholomew,Yeoman,Kingston Bagpuize,1680,Inventory, will P1/S/460