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Log Book of Kingston Bagpuize Endowed School - 1902-1904

Many years ago I did some research on the Ballard family, Blacksmiths of Kingston Bagpuize. The village had been from time immemorial in the County of Berkshire, but in 1974 was 'moved' into the county of Oxfordshire. During the research I found the following interesting entries for 1902 in the Log Book of the Kingston Bagpuize Endowed School.

Kingston Bagpuize Endowed School - Log Book Entries for 1902

The first School House

          John Blandy's first School, Abingdon Rd., Kingston Bagpuize.

  • 1902 Jan. 15 Robert Ballard is again absent and reported to have a headache.
  • Jan. 17th The Foxhounds passed the school during Noontide, followed by others and Robert Ballard.
  • April 18th Voting took place in the main room for the Popularity Prizes, the Poll being headed by Edith Press and Robert Ballard.
  • April 21st The Flushing apparatus has gone wrong. A flush let down by the Master came up through a pipe in the girls' playground.
  • April 25th Robert Ballard is absent and is reported to be looking after Mabel (reported ill). They are both playing in the Warren this afternoon.
  • April 30th Robert Ballard was playing cricket in his shirt sleeves between 1 pm. and 1.30 pm. At two o'clock he is absent and an inquiry elicits the answer that he is ill in bed. See also the 25th
  • May 16th inst. Robert Ballard has been absent all the week. He is reported ill but no Medical Certificate has been produced.
  • June 2nd As Peace has been proclaimed the National Anthem was sung at 10.45 am. after which the whole school adjourned to the Warren and indulged in a Cricket Match. Girls v. Boys.
  • June 20th-30th Coronation Week.
  • June 2nd Robert Ballard absent minding the house.
  • Robert Ballard is at home 'Plucking a fowl for his mother'.
  • In anticipation of Summer Holidays no less than 11 absented themselves today. In the afternoon Robert Ballard (who is supposed to be minding the house) rode by on a tricycle, ringing his bell and whooping to attract the attention of the children in school.

Harvest Holidays. Five weeks.

  • A framed photo showing the Children of Kingston Bagpuize assembled in the grounds of Kingston House to celebrate the Coronation of King Edward VII has been presented to the School by Mrs Lessing and hung in a conspicuous place on the school walls.
  • Grace Ballard interferred with Ellen Hutt who was on her way home last night, but returned to claim the protection of the Master. On going out and speaking to Grace Ballard the Master was answered in an impudent manner. This morning Grace Ballard received one stroke on the hand and was told to keep her seat at playtime. While the Master was engaged she left her place and ran home. Her eldest sister afterwards, came and threatened to keep her at home in the afternoon, as well as refusing to send her back this morning. Robert Ballard was absent from school this morning The reason sent by his sister was that he had gone to Longworth. However he was at the Meet at 11 am. This pm. word is sent he is following hounds. Robert Ballard and Caroline Campion are absent in order to view the meet of the Old Berkshire Hunt.
  • Mrs William Ballard has sent to say that her children Grace and Mabel are going to the Isle of Wight for a month's holiday. A reply was sent in which it was pointed out that it would be necessary for them to attend school during their visit.
  • Grace and Mabel have gone to Maidenhead for a fortnight. The parents send word they are to attend school there.
  • The two Ballard girls returned to School this morning. When asked if they had attended at Maidenhead, Grace replied 'They refused to put us on the Register'.
  • June 1st 1904 Miss M. Ballard is looking after infants. [Mabel?]

NB You are able to purchase fiched copies of this log book from Oxfordshire FHS as Kingston Bagpuize 1875-1898 (9), 1898-1916 (6), 1916-1945 (10). The original log book is lodged with the Oxfordshire History Centre.