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Text Size and Screen Resolution.

This site is designed to cater for most site visitors regardless of their screen resolution, so text can be re-sized for ease of reading. Currently this site is set for medium or normal text size on a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. If your screen resolution is smaller, adjust the text size to a smaller size. If your screen resolution is higher, adjust the text size to a larger size.

Adjusting text size for Firefox

Keyboard Shortcuts:

* Ctrl and - key for smaller

* Ctrl and 0 key for normal
* Ctrl and + key for larger

Menu: select View, then Text Size

Adjusting text size for Internet Explorer

Menu: Select View, then Text Size

Adding text size button to icon bar:

1. Select View, the Toolbars, then Customize...
2. In Available Toolbar Buttons, select Size.
3. Click the Add-> button, then the Close Button.

Screen Resolution Trends

There is a continuous trend towards monitors with a higher screen resolutions. This site is design so that only one file needs to be altered to meet with future trends. Since the 1980's PC monitors screen ratios were commonly at a ratio of 4 by 3, the same as a standard TV screen. Now there is a trend towards wide screens, which is a ratio commonly of 16 by 10. Some of my other websites have images that are ratio of 4 by 3, such as my old map sites. The only way to view them properly is with a ration of 4 by 3. Below is a snapshot of screen resolutions and screen ratios for November 2006.

Ratio of 4 by 3 (1.33 by 1):

800 by 600 pixels - 17% of visitors
1024 by 768 pixels - 56% of visitors
1152 by 864 pixels - 5% of visitors
1280 by 960 pixels - 9% of visitors
1400 by 1050 pixels - 1% of visitors
1600 by 1200 pixels - 1% of visitors

Note: I do cater for site visitors using mobile phone screen.

Note: I do not cater for those site visitors with screen resolutions of 3200 by 2400 pixels, unless you are using Firefox or similar browsers with unlimited text resizing.

With my thanks to Alan Gresley for this information.