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About This Site ~

Why this website? What's it about?

Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor - a Village Snapshot is a result of my two favourite hobbies - family and local history research, both of which I share with my husband.

This site explores, through villagers' memories of their lives, of school-days and working lives, some historical aspects of this area and its people. It is an ongoing task with no time limit or cut off date.

The purpose of this site is threefold:-

  • To help promote and preserve the history of the village of Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor and area, in conjunction with the Longworth & District History Society.
  • To give an insight of our village for visitors to Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor and area.
  • To offer genealogical and website creation help.

What this site offers.

  • Census 1891 Census transcribed.
  • Wills - List of Wills available for the area. (An ongoing history society project of transcribing these.)
  • Tithe Map Apportionment for Draycott Moor.
  • List of people from the transcribed Monumental Inscriptions of Kingston Bagpuize Church and Southmoor Methodist Chapel.
  • List of many Non-conformists buried 'under the roses' at Longworth.
  • All the Parish Registers for the area have been transcribed and a listing is available.
  • Village Stories. Stories given to the History Society of earlier and later village life.
  • Maps of the village for 1881.

Links for additional help.

Putting something back - Paying it forward.

From Family Historians worldwide, I have gained such a great deal of knowledge and outstanding help, which has been given freely or inexpensively, and I have alwys been conscious of the need to repay this - putting something back - paying it forward into family and local history. This website allows me to pay back / pay it forward and hopefully will help and encourage others.

I designed my first website, as I really wanted to broadcast our research interests, in the hope that others would be able to share and link. I then became hooked on web design and had found a new and absorbing hobby!

Sharing genealogical information is something that I have always been ready to do and I had long wanted to design a website about one of my ancestors villages or home towns. Living far from the region, it became difficult to source information and keep up-to-date.

I decided to write about the subject I knew most about, Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor and its inhabitants, past and present. The village has been our family home for over 50 years. We are involved in the local and family history societies and with my husband had already done much research of this area. Having transcribed the local Parish Registers and also several local graveyards for the Oxfordshire Family History Society, we had gained some knowledge of those people of the past villages

We have made this a website which is open to all who have an interest in these villages.

Please visit the many Memories which are shown on pages of this website, and please consider writing a short story of your memories to add to these stories. I shall add them to this website, if you are happy to share in this way and shall ensure that your story also goes into the archives of the Longworth & District History Society, if that is your wish.

Please feel free to browse the site to discover more about our village. If you are seeking information on a particular locality or subject, why not use the site search facility and contact us using the Contact Form provided.